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25 December
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∞ you'll know what to do if you'll know what you want.♣ nemi
i'm not good at describing myself, the quote in the sidebar is everything about me.
because i live in italy but i love spain more than anything. spain is my home, my blood, my soul, my everything. i love andalucía and i just wanna move to sevilla.
i breathe for football, pazza inter amala & hasta el final vamos real & you'll never walk alone but most of all YO SOY FIEL A LA ROJA.
i'm obsessed with sergio ramos and i truly believe in sernando as a romance.
i like to write and sometimes i'm a good ficwriter - i write in italian but i'm trying to improve my spanish & english.
i used to have a dignity then five boybanders skipped off with it. and louis tomlinson & harry styles are in a relationship.
sometimes i watch tv shows, like grey's anatomy & gossip girl & californication & supernatural.
harry potter & the hunger games.
josh hutcherson is my actual reason to smile.
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